15 April 2015

Kendall made me do it...

After months of what was quite honestly complete overkill, I gave in and bought that Calvin Klein set. And I kind of hate myself a little bit for it. £50 for that little material is actually ridiculous, and it's quite safe to say that my body isn't quite in the same state as all the girls gracing Tumblr in their little CK crop tops with their washboard abs, sigh. (In fact just after Will took these photos I had a complete body breakdown which resulted in me throwing away all the crisps in the house and taking the roast potatoes off the menu for dinner that evening!) 
I got these cropped wide leg trousers in the H&M sale for £7, they're super comfy and are pretty similar to a lot of the culottes that have started appearing in stores. Bargain! 

I hope you're all having a great week- I'm off to London this weekend to stay with one of my favourites, Abbie and I can't bloody wait- hopefully some exciting posts coming up next week!

Love love 
A xox

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