3 July 2014

A payday haul...

Every payday, without fail, I go shopping. And at the end of every payday, without fail, I regret it.
I literally can't stop that urge to go and spend all my money on pretty things. *First World Problems*.

The idea is that I go to Primark and just get rid of my urge there, causing as little damage as possible. This is all well and good, until I visit a million shops on the way to Primark. Oh Goddam.

I went into Zara pretty innocently, until I noticed they'd literally but the whole store into the sale and I was like a girl possessed. I stumbled across a little gem which I'd been hunting out for WEEKS. A pastel pink 'leather' biker jacket. Oh so beaut. I had to get it in a Large, because apparently, according to Zara I'm Large. Anyone else have these issues?
It was still £50 which on reflection isn't actually that cheap, which is why it's pictured here still with all the tissue around the zips, and it's currently still sat unloved in the bag. I'm still not sure whether I can justify a £50 pink leather jacket in the middle of summer.

The Topshop sale also lured me in, where I picked up a dusky pink purse, reduced from £16 to £5. Amazing as I'd put this on my birthday wishlist a few weeks ago!

The last two purchases were from Primark, by which point I was feeling a tad guilty. I'd had my eye on this white backpack since it arrived in store, and as my black version is dying a slow death, I thought I'd get this for £9. Primark's bag game is STRONG at the moment, and for a while I was carrying 6 bags around the store. I put all of them back, apart from this adorable cream bag. It's got lovely black zip detail, and the material has been made to look very Alexanda Wang'esque. A steal at £6!

So what shall I do with this jacket?!

A xxx
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