7 July 2014

Me, you and Rue....

Hey loves! I hope you're all well and had a lovely weekend. Thought I'd just post a couple of outfit pictures from mine. Just a casual jobby for an even more casual trip to Nandos! I know how to let my hair down at the weekend!

Excuse the messy room, soz! 
Suuuuper casual and simple outfit- Topshop Mom jeans and Topshop cropped tee with Primark chunky sandals and my new Primark backpack.
I clipped my Foxylocks extensions in, which I haven't cut yet and REALLY need to. I can't bear to wear them down when they're this long, so it up with a few hair bands...

Like I said in a previous post, I'll do a blog post on my Foxylocks very soon.

In other news, I'm not in my usual blogging spot (in bed), I'm sat on the floor keeping my brand new baby bunny entertained. I got her yesterday, and can't quite get over how cute she is. I've called her Rue, after the character in The Hunger Games. She was the smallest in the litter and is really sweet natured and tame, so the name couldn't suit her more. Plus she has a very cute little afro tufting up between her ears

This picture doesn't really show just how teeny tiny she is... she is a DINK! She's my first pet rabbit, and as a dog person I never thought I could love a little bunny rabbit so much...

Big love 
A xx

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