7 May 2015

Side splittin'

Hey loves, how the hell is your week going? Mine is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster due to the fact that I decided to start the 5:2 diet this week- which basically means fasting for two days (500 calorie limit!), and then 20000 for five days. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Does it work? Apparently so! This sudden need to drop the pounds is a result of my blog photos- some of which are in this post. I sure had some junk in my trunk on Sunday, when I embraced the short-lived sun with a split maxi skirt from Topshop. Needless to say the sun lasted about an hour, by which point I was out shopping, looking like a total knob in this skimpy outfit. Do I not know England at all by now?! 

I hope you're all gearing up for the weekend, and I'll catch you in my next post- that's if I haven't wasted away by then! 

Love love 
A xoxox
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