2 May 2014



A few weeks ago I met up with one of my uni friends in London. I had such a lovely day of eating, drinking and just mooching about. I love how you can just walk around London and just people watch, without all the touristy stuff!

We went on the cable car over the Thames and ate some amazing lebanese food, before going to Brick lane for a stroll and some drinks. 
We finished off the day at Meat Liqor, which if you haven't heard of it is this amazing restaurant. You don't get knives and forks- just a roll of kitchen roll... no plates either, everyone's food just piled onto one tray! Has to be experienced really! Thought I'd share some of my pictures with you, including what I wore, obvs. 
I got the top I'm wearing in H&M for £3 in the sale, and wore it with my amazing Primark tenner jeans. The jacket I'm wearing is a charity shop gem, in a size 20! I love how it looks oversized, and it only cost me £5. The backpack's another Primark find, and the shoes are from Bank. Who the hell shops in Bank really.

 Oh my God. Sudden NEED for cheese fries and Buffalo wings. (Distraught face emoji). 

Love love 

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