28 January 2015

Fix up, Look Sharp

As much as I love relaxed, slouchy style, I'm currently lusting over crisp tailoring and structured pieces. Tumblr and Pinterest are full of amazing co ordinates, trousers, skirts, jumpsuits, and my absolute favourite- tuxedo dresses. DROOL. I've had one of these on my list since Cara D rocked one in blue velvet, but I'm yet to find one quite as exquisite!

Have you managed to work this look into your wardrobe?



25 January 2015

The white leather jacket

A bit of a basic bitch outfit for you today- but honestly my style is becoming more and more simple as time goes on. This very cold but beautifully bright day called for my trusty leather leggings (at over 2 years old, I wear them 90% of the time and have no idea how they're not splitting at the seams- well done, Topshop), a black slogan tee from Zara, and my white biker jacket from Pull and Bear.
This outfit isn't even quite simple enough for my liking- in an ideal world I'd be wearing a plain black tee. As I said, basic bitch.
My black New Balance are permanently attached to my feet, and I'm still pretty chuffed about this Topshop bag.
I spent this weekend away with the boy in a hotel celebrating Burns Night, so am now nursing a whiskey induced hangover with E.T on the tv and a pack of chocolate digestives. It's cheat day (slash weekend...!)


One day I'll be able to watch the end of E.T. At 28 I'm not quite there yet.
Lots of love xoxo


16 January 2015

A Humble Abode

For the last few weeks I've been looking for a flat to move in with my best friend, and finally we've found the one. It's love.
At the moment I'm LOVING shopping for little treats for my new place- weirdly I get just as much satisfaction these days from buying a copper saucepan than I do a Topshop bag. Bit of a concern really. I've bought some lovely bits that I can't wait to get in there, but for now I'll have to settle with relentlessly pinning onto my dreamy Pinterest board.
My dream home is a mix of neutral walls, bright linens, luxurious faux fur and quirky accessories with sprinklings of gold and copper. MY GOD.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend- Mine will be spent in a daydream on Pinterest no doubt...! Where do you find treasures for your home?
Love A xox

9 January 2015

Camel and Black...

So my first week back at work is done, anyone else find that a MASSIVE struggle?! Christ.
I thought I'd have a crazy Friday night and sit here with a cup of tea showing you one of my favourite outfits of the moment! (Yes, it's that coat again).   
Over-knee boots have been everywhere lately, and I hate to be THAT girl, but I got these Topshop beauts before the whole look became a bit overkill! They were a ridiculous £120, and if I'd known they'd be everywhere a few months later, I probably wouldn't have splurged. That being said, they're a classic style with a good heel height, and I love them just as much as the day I saw them on Cara in that damn Topshop campaign.
The bag is a Christmas voucher purchase (the furry tail added by moi!) - I thought it had a designer vibe about it and was only £40. Of course I'm wearing my bargainous Missguided camel coat again because...well, why the hell would I ever not wear this?!


How was your first week back in reality?
Have a great weekend loves! A xox



2 January 2015

I do like to be beside the seaside...

I often forgot how lucky I am to live on the coast, so on a lunchtime catch up with my good friend Abbie we headed to a lovely little spot for a wander (heels not recommended).
I got this camel cocoon style coat from Missguided, and despite a tear on the pocket it's turning into my winter outfit staple. I'm debating going for pricier one next year as I think it's a pretty timeless look. This is actually the first time I've worn this Topshop hat- I spent ages in store trying it on in front of the mirror, and it's been sat unloved in my wardrobe ever since. Teamed with an all black outfit and a Moschino bag for a bit of a twist, I'm a big fan of this look! (The stumbling around in heels along the icy pebbles, not so much!)

What are your winter outfit staples?
A xx
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