5 March 2015

Digging out the Reebok Classics...

Why is choosing your outfit when the sun comes out so much more fun? Granted, it was still freezing cold yesterday but the blue skies definitely put a spring in my step and had me looking at some different items in my wardrobe other than the jumper/ jeans combo I have been reaching for day after day for the last few months!
I've had this week off work to do absolutely nothing- and it's been AMAZING. Yesterday I went for lunch with the parents and opted for this chilled outfit. I actually bought the white T Shirt in All Saints the day before for an amazing £13! The jacket was a Primark bargain, and the ripped jeans are of course Topshop.
Now I bought these Reebok Classics for about £20 YEARS ago, when they were still very uncool. I had no idea that they had a revival coming, but am pretty glad as they are the most comfortable trainers I own. 
God I need some sun. My skin is almost the same shade as my white nails in these pictures- CRINGE. 

Hope you're all having a great week, 
Love love
 A xxx

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