29 December 2014

A Magical Day

Recently I had the most magical day, when one of my good friends got married. There was something pretty enchanting about it being in December and as you can imagine, it was an absolute sequin and fur fest. And yes, I wore both.
I actually had a complete fur overload with a New Look faux fur jacket and an absolutely AMAZING pair of fluffy heels from Public Desire (which hurt so much, but would like to think they were worth the crippled feet). I got this nude sequin dress from Motel Rocks, and paired it with this steal of a bag (£3!) from Primark.

Bloody love a wedding!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to even more booze (nooooo!) on Wednesday!
Love A xxx

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17 July 2014

Vintage Nike

Ok, so I'm not entirely sure if this is vintage or not... I got the T shirt in a charity shop for £3 and cut the bottom off. Regardless of if it's vintage or not, I love it. I teamed it with this maxi skirt from Topshop and my trusty Primark backpack.

I hope you're all enjoying the ridiculously hot weather! I can't seem to stop moaning about it although really should be making the most of it- knowing the UK it'll be snowing by the weekend!

Love love 

7 July 2014

Me, you and Rue....

Hey loves! I hope you're all well and had a lovely weekend. Thought I'd just post a couple of outfit pictures from mine. Just a casual jobby for an even more casual trip to Nandos! I know how to let my hair down at the weekend!

Excuse the messy room, soz! 
Suuuuper casual and simple outfit- Topshop Mom jeans and Topshop cropped tee with Primark chunky sandals and my new Primark backpack.
I clipped my Foxylocks extensions in, which I haven't cut yet and REALLY need to. I can't bear to wear them down when they're this long, so it up with a few hair bands...

Like I said in a previous post, I'll do a blog post on my Foxylocks very soon.

In other news, I'm not in my usual blogging spot (in bed), I'm sat on the floor keeping my brand new baby bunny entertained. I got her yesterday, and can't quite get over how cute she is. I've called her Rue, after the character in The Hunger Games. She was the smallest in the litter and is really sweet natured and tame, so the name couldn't suit her more. Plus she has a very cute little afro tufting up between her ears

This picture doesn't really show just how teeny tiny she is... she is a DINK! She's my first pet rabbit, and as a dog person I never thought I could love a little bunny rabbit so much...

Big love 
A xx


4 July 2014

Denim, checks and lace....

No one loves a 'photo in front of a mirror before a night out' more than me, fact! This technically wasn't a night out, more a boozy daytime sesh that eventually turned into an evening thang. The best type.
It was a really warm day, so I dug out this denim badboy, which I got in Topshop a couple of years ago. I forgot how bum cheek skimming the playsuit is, so put a pair of lace cycling shorts on underneath and voila, bum cheek situation sorted. 
In the daytime I paired the playsuit with a checked shirt (a charity shop number, originally from Gap), and my white Converse high tops. 
When the evening came around I just took the shirt off, and swapped the converse for a pair of monochrome cut-out boots. 
This belt was such a good little find, costing me a bargainous £2.99 from New Look a little while back. 

Third post in a week... look at me go! 

A xxx

3 July 2014

A payday haul...

Every payday, without fail, I go shopping. And at the end of every payday, without fail, I regret it.
I literally can't stop that urge to go and spend all my money on pretty things. *First World Problems*.

The idea is that I go to Primark and just get rid of my urge there, causing as little damage as possible. This is all well and good, until I visit a million shops on the way to Primark. Oh Goddam.

I went into Zara pretty innocently, until I noticed they'd literally but the whole store into the sale and I was like a girl possessed. I stumbled across a little gem which I'd been hunting out for WEEKS. A pastel pink 'leather' biker jacket. Oh so beaut. I had to get it in a Large, because apparently, according to Zara I'm Large. Anyone else have these issues?
It was still £50 which on reflection isn't actually that cheap, which is why it's pictured here still with all the tissue around the zips, and it's currently still sat unloved in the bag. I'm still not sure whether I can justify a £50 pink leather jacket in the middle of summer.

The Topshop sale also lured me in, where I picked up a dusky pink purse, reduced from £16 to £5. Amazing as I'd put this on my birthday wishlist a few weeks ago!

The last two purchases were from Primark, by which point I was feeling a tad guilty. I'd had my eye on this white backpack since it arrived in store, and as my black version is dying a slow death, I thought I'd get this for £9. Primark's bag game is STRONG at the moment, and for a while I was carrying 6 bags around the store. I put all of them back, apart from this adorable cream bag. It's got lovely black zip detail, and the material has been made to look very Alexanda Wang'esque. A steal at £6!

So what shall I do with this jacket?!

A xxx

30 June 2014

Down with the kids

These days I'm a very small fish in a large pond when it comes to blogging. Back in the day (well, about 4 years ago), things were pretty different. Here I am, still using an iPhone to take all my pictures, and I joined Bloglovin' just a matter of hours ago. It's fair to say I'm pretty behind the times.

To be honest, I don't really have any intentions of catching up either. I'm far too flaky when it comes to regular blog posts to invest in a fancy camera that I'll probably use once before dropping it. 

What I'm trying to say is, follow me on bloglovin (I put a link over there >>) . I think that's what all the cool kids are doing.

Anyway, I'm just dropping by to show you what I've been wearing lately. The sun's been out and so I've had the chance to wear a few pieces that I rarely get to show off... 

I had my birthday this month, and this is what I wore in the day time. The jeans are the good old Mom jeans from Topshop, (does anyone else HATE saying that?!) and the pineapple top is half of one of my favourite two-pieces from last summer. The shirt I'm wearing over the top is my new love. I found it on it's own in Primark, just sat there waiting for me to fall in love with it. This picture does it no justice at all, as it's very long, and has some lovely details. I'll try and get some better pictures in another post. 

 I got these palm print joggers from Topshop with the birthday money from my Mum. They went in the sale a few days later and I could have cried- EVERY year I make that mistake and I ALWAYS forget!! Anywho, it doesn't make me love them any less. I fucking adore these, especially when they're clashing with my Nike sliders :) 

Another birthday treat was some FoxyLocks extensions. Now I think I'll share this whole experience in a seperate blog post, but I loved wearing them to Goodwood a couple of weeks ago. I felt all Game of Thrones, and finally learnt how to do a fishtail braid (so fucking easy!). I got them in the lightest shade, which I think might just be called Platinum blonde...but like I said, that's another story... 

I hope you're all well, and if you're with me from 'back in the day', give me a comment below so I know where my old school crew at! (You're my favourites).

Love love 

A xxx

2 May 2014



A few weeks ago I met up with one of my uni friends in London. I had such a lovely day of eating, drinking and just mooching about. I love how you can just walk around London and just people watch, without all the touristy stuff!

We went on the cable car over the Thames and ate some amazing lebanese food, before going to Brick lane for a stroll and some drinks. 
We finished off the day at Meat Liqor, which if you haven't heard of it is this amazing restaurant. You don't get knives and forks- just a roll of kitchen roll... no plates either, everyone's food just piled onto one tray! Has to be experienced really! Thought I'd share some of my pictures with you, including what I wore, obvs. 
I got the top I'm wearing in H&M for £3 in the sale, and wore it with my amazing Primark tenner jeans. The jacket I'm wearing is a charity shop gem, in a size 20! I love how it looks oversized, and it only cost me £5. The backpack's another Primark find, and the shoes are from Bank. Who the hell shops in Bank really.

 Oh my God. Sudden NEED for cheese fries and Buffalo wings. (Distraught face emoji). 

Love love 


19 January 2014

I'm a 90's chick...


Last night I decided I could no longer be a slave to the January blues, and decided to go out with a couple of my friends. I was designated driver, but half the fun of going out for me is getting dressed up- so I took the opportunity take this little dress out on it's first outing. 
I got it for £10 in the Topshop sale a few months ago... it was one of those "I don't give a shit if I've only got £20 to last me til payday, I'm buying this and I will starve" purchases.
Teamed with this holographic clutch from Topshop (now in the ruddy sale, FYI), some strappy shoes, an ear cuff and some purple lipstick, it's like the 90's just threw up on me. And I love it. 


12 January 2014


Happy New Year! A little bit late, yes. Ssshh. I'm also very aware that I haven't blogged for like 20 years and I'm going to just gloss over that and pretend it isn't true. 
Among a million other New Year's resolutions, one of them was to get back into blogging and I'm determined to stick to it!

Another one of these resolutions is to be more sensible with my money (yawn), and unfortunately my wardrobe is inevitably going to suffer. What I've decided to do is draw up a wishlist, and pick one thing a month. Yes, one. Fuck. But for now, here are my current 'wants'. Too bad I want them all, and I want them all now. 

1) Moschino Belt- As the real deal is out of my price range, I'll have to settle for a knock-off. I've been lusting after one of these for years, and it really is about time I made that order from China! 2) AA Riding Pants - Since the demise of my disco pants I've been looking for a replacement, and it looks as though these are the way to go. Shame about the price tag, but seeing as the disco pants really were an investment, I'm guessing these will be too. 3) Gold arm cuff- I'm struggling to find one of these, as I've been after one forever. If anyone knows of any gems online, let me know! 4) Celine bag- A girl can dream... It's going to have to be another China knock off job I reck! 5) White DM's- These are just cool as fuck really aren't they.  6) Quilted rabbit ear bag- After selling out on ASOS I've been on the search for one of these, and again Ebay saves the day! 

I hope you're all well, and forgive me for my absences! I'm back, I pink promise... 


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