30 June 2014

Down with the kids

These days I'm a very small fish in a large pond when it comes to blogging. Back in the day (well, about 4 years ago), things were pretty different. Here I am, still using an iPhone to take all my pictures, and I joined Bloglovin' just a matter of hours ago. It's fair to say I'm pretty behind the times.

To be honest, I don't really have any intentions of catching up either. I'm far too flaky when it comes to regular blog posts to invest in a fancy camera that I'll probably use once before dropping it. 

What I'm trying to say is, follow me on bloglovin (I put a link over there >>) . I think that's what all the cool kids are doing.

Anyway, I'm just dropping by to show you what I've been wearing lately. The sun's been out and so I've had the chance to wear a few pieces that I rarely get to show off... 

I had my birthday this month, and this is what I wore in the day time. The jeans are the good old Mom jeans from Topshop, (does anyone else HATE saying that?!) and the pineapple top is half of one of my favourite two-pieces from last summer. The shirt I'm wearing over the top is my new love. I found it on it's own in Primark, just sat there waiting for me to fall in love with it. This picture does it no justice at all, as it's very long, and has some lovely details. I'll try and get some better pictures in another post. 

 I got these palm print joggers from Topshop with the birthday money from my Mum. They went in the sale a few days later and I could have cried- EVERY year I make that mistake and I ALWAYS forget!! Anywho, it doesn't make me love them any less. I fucking adore these, especially when they're clashing with my Nike sliders :) 

Another birthday treat was some FoxyLocks extensions. Now I think I'll share this whole experience in a seperate blog post, but I loved wearing them to Goodwood a couple of weeks ago. I felt all Game of Thrones, and finally learnt how to do a fishtail braid (so fucking easy!). I got them in the lightest shade, which I think might just be called Platinum blonde...but like I said, that's another story... 

I hope you're all well, and if you're with me from 'back in the day', give me a comment below so I know where my old school crew at! (You're my favourites).

Love love 

A xxx
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