20 May 2015

A sunny walk

So I didn't realise I'd blend into the background quite so much in these photos- Hopefully you can just about make me out!
Believe it or not, I wasn't on a secret covert mission, but a sunny walk with my boyfriend. This Topshop jumpsuit has been a firm favourite for a couple of years now, and although it's a bit (a lot) tighter than it was, I still love dressing it up or down. Luckily for me, this print has made a comeback this summer so there's still a lot of use in this bad boy yet!

 I really wasn't joking when I said I was wearing my Adidas Superstars every day! I honestly haven't discovered a single outfit they don't go with. What the HELL did I do without them?!

Love love 
A xoxox

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