25 March 2015

Black, White, Camel...Repeat...

A reoccurring pattern is emerging in my weekend wardrobe... black, white, camel coat, gold. ERRY DAY. 
Last Friday made no exception. Work for me on a Friday is made much more bearable by 1) being able to wear what we like, and 2) finishing at the glorious hour of 12.30. Bloody beaut. I'm not sure whether wearing leather trousers to work is pushing it, but I wear them most Fridays regardless (bad bish). This particular Friday was made even more exciting with the arrival of one of my besties (and fellow fashion loving friend) from London for an evening of tapas and cocktails. 

Despite my expression in these photos, I really was pretty happy. Only 2 more days til I can feel that Friday feeling all over again- hallelujah! 

Love love 
A xox

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