25 January 2015

The white leather jacket

A bit of a basic bitch outfit for you today- but honestly my style is becoming more and more simple as time goes on. This very cold but beautifully bright day called for my trusty leather leggings (at over 2 years old, I wear them 90% of the time and have no idea how they're not splitting at the seams- well done, Topshop), a black slogan tee from Zara, and my white biker jacket from Pull and Bear.
This outfit isn't even quite simple enough for my liking- in an ideal world I'd be wearing a plain black tee. As I said, basic bitch.
My black New Balance are permanently attached to my feet, and I'm still pretty chuffed about this Topshop bag.
I spent this weekend away with the boy in a hotel celebrating Burns Night, so am now nursing a whiskey induced hangover with E.T on the tv and a pack of chocolate digestives. It's cheat day (slash weekend...!)


One day I'll be able to watch the end of E.T. At 28 I'm not quite there yet.
Lots of love xoxo

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